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Obtain a Dashing Derrière by Summer…

Tracy Anderson: Is the hot Hollywood trainer-of-choice.  Anderson is a former dancer whose Pilates and aerobics-inspired workout has garnered fans like Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna.  Anderson also offers personalized programs according to student’s muscle structure.  Two of her videos are highly recommend, but skip her dance DVD which is very difficult to follow even for seasoned dancers, and check out her awesome butt routine she sent Gwyneth for New Years: see video

Words from Tracy:

1) The biggest no-no is often the type of exercise people are doing. People don’t understand how manipulative the muscles are. The type of exercise they choose greatly effects what they’re going to physically look like.

2) Of course I believe in my method, which focuses on targeting the accessory muscles to pull in the large muscle groups and give you a tiny dancer body. I designed a machine called the “hybrid body reformer” – over 2,800 moves on the machine hit your muscles from all different angles and rotations. If you aren’t able to come to my studio or do the cardio DVD, then the best advice I can give is to stay away from repetitive motions like running, lifting weights in conventional rotations, stair climbers, etc. A form of circuit training would be much better. I am a huge fan of cardio on the trampoline; it’s more effective than running and is much better on your joints. Make a disk of your favorite songs for 40 minutes, get a mini-trampoline and jump like mad. Use your arms and dance on the trampoline. If you’re a woman never lift over 3 pounds.

3) NEVER let yourself go. Working out is like brushing your teeth – you just do it. If you’ve let yourself go, you must start moving. Get really good at cardio; watch what you eat. Then, once you can do 40 minutes a day of cardio straight, you can eat what you want. While you are watching what you eat I, am a fan of milk or soymilk in the morning with berries. Chicken or turkey for lunch with cucumbers and tomatoes and grilled fish with brown rice and spinach for dinner for example. Then, you also need to deal with reengineering your muscular structure – some sit-ups with your legs out straight in front of you then lifting one foot at a time, lifting three-pound weights in many different ways.  I love Grande Pliés in second position for your butt and legs.

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Official Madonna Afterparty at TIL – Sat Oct 18th, 2008

This is London (TIL)

Madonna’s DJ , DJ Enferno will be spinning.  They have also confirmed that Madonna’s dancers will be there to start the party off right and quickly!  Get on the guestlist and bypass the cover/waiting in line.  Get there early, because the guestlist ends at 11:30pm. A strict dress code is in effect.

Email to get on the guestlist here.

Madonna's DJ - DJ Enferno

The Sticky and Sweet tour, follows Madonna’s latest album entitled Hard Candy.  She plays Toronto’s Air Canada Centre on October 18.  BEST BET: Go down to the Air Canada Centre 5 minutes after the show starts and buy tickets from desperate scalpers.  Buying “Section: CFLR” for less than $325/ticket is a deal!  The tickets are pretty much worthless to the scalper once she gets on stage anyway.

This is London is a 16,000 square foot venue divided between a main floor and a mezzanine. Set in a renovated warehouse in Toronto’s Entertainment district.  Its multilevel design features several bars, VIP lounges, a seasonal outside courtyard, a fabulous ladies SPA type washroom, and the ultra cool VIP “Room 364”.  On Saturdays it’s a party spot that is definitely not for little kids.

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