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Halloween Pics in Muzik Nightclub’s VIP – Nov 1, 2008

Yes the party was a day after Halloween ended, but who cares?  Halloween at Muzik is a party for the grown and sexy. Thousands of people in costume, dancing and having a good time can’t be beat.  W4W Toronto was there, and here are some of our favorites. Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/msjag

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Tryst – April 5th, 2008

82 Peter Street


What do you get when you put together 3 uniquely stylish rooms and a courtyard with the music of a well known Toronto DJ? Success, in spite of the fact that Tryst is still just getting off the ground. The newest venue to the club district caters to a selective 23+ clientele, and can accommodate 800 party revelers in total.

The night started off with easy entrance past the line up, but a dent in the pocketbook when I was asked to pay $20.00 cover charge. We will see if this cover charge succeeds in keeping out the un-sexy. I met my companions in the “Havana Lounge” and they were a little luckier because they knew someone at the door who had escorted them in. The Havana Lounge was the first of Trysts three rooms. A cozy hang out spot for a rendezvous with the Tryst sign in large lettering over the bar. There was no dark rum available in this Havana however.

We proceed down some stairs and into the throbbing house sounds of the main room of Tryst. We immediately encountered DJ Joe Marella and company ensconced in his fabulous his DJ digs. from the angle we were standing at we were more than impressed with the visually stunning dance floor. What a refreshing concept, a sunken dancefloor with a dazzling display of overhead lights, and speakers thundering out sexy, pulsating beats.

We bumped into Andrew, one of the owners of Tryst, and we were given a tour. We were shown the attention to detail, which included the design panneling on the walls of the club to the the discreteness of unmarked, individual washrooms. The VIP room, called the “Vault” and closest to the DJ booth, was remarkable in the toys that accompanied the room. The decor was lush, and included a plasma TV, its own sound system, bottle service of course, the ability to close the doors to the room, and a Internet LCD screen with wireless Internet access. I would venture to say that this was the most exclusive VIP room in any Toronto night club and could accommodate up to 20 dancing people.  On Saturdays this room can be obtained for a $3,000 minimum.

The main bar was just a stones thrown away from the main VIP area. A long, attractively designed, granite topped bar, facing the dance floor. However, we were tken to the other VIP areas directly across from the main bar, and also facing the fabulous dance floor. There were several areas all withing close proximity of each other, all offering bottle service, but with nice touches as Andrew pointed out. The VIP area as a whole had access to their own washrooms, each VIP setting had a mini closet to hang coats and jackets, and even drawers to keep purses!  You can get your own VIP table for a 2-4 bottle minimum depending on the night.  There was also a mini bar just around the way from which the servers and club guests could quickly keep the liquor flowing.

We continued on our tour, and we were shown the final room. We went up a flight of stairs and entered the Loft. A room with its own DJ who happened to be spinning some old school vibes. The Loft was a place to either chill by the bar, or sit on one of the many comfy sofas and again perhaps order bottle service. if the mood struck, you could also dance, but the sound system in this room was too ambient at the time of this writing

Finally, we were taken to the Courtyard a promising, but not quite finished entity that can hold about 200 people. Under the warmth of a heat lamp, Andrew told us that he and his team have big plans for the courtyard. It appears that it may be the outdoor, summer hang out spot of 2008.  Tryst is currently open for general business Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Now back to that gorgeous dancefloor, the sweet house vibes, and the abundant eye candy.

Scale of 0-10 (10 being the best)
Music – 81/2 People – 8 Ambiance – 91/2 Love factor – 81/2

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