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Purgatory – Aug 5th, 2006 – R.I.P

199 Richmond Street West


Several of us ladies went to Purgatory to check out what the multi-level complex was about. We also heard that it was Vivica Fox’s birthday and she was celebrating in VIP style on the fourth floor of Purgatory.

First thing’s first. This club is massive! Something like what Lucid use to be back when it was open.

The Four Floors in this venue are:

HELL – Well, hell was not open on the night that we went. We still stuck our head in and saw a red room that looked extremely creepy. Apparently , it is known as Machinehead and caters to a Rock & Roll audience on select days of the week.

PURGATORY PATIO – A resort like atmosphere with foliage! Smoking is permitted all year round (heated in the winter).

PURGATORY – The Purgatory main floor is what you see as soon as you enter. It really is non-descript and not the kind of place you want to be for the whole night, due to the high amount of reverberation from an inadequate sound system.

HEAVEN – A much better room for ones senses. A crisper and well-balanced sound system, and a brighter, cleaner feel to the dance floor area made us feel like dancing. A private semi-enclosed VIP booth was shown to us by one of the owners – Jay T. The VIP area was great for people watching, but did not have exclusive enough decor. The area almost made us feel like we were on display. The ceilings were an unfinished, dingy grey colour, and marred the overall feeling of privilege that one should feel in a VIP area. Jay-T, ever the host, was quite accommodating and made us feel more comfortable than we otherwise would have been. After an initial round of drinks on the house, we had a handsome and willing bartender, mixing up average priced cocktails to perfection.

UPPER HEAVEN – The highest level of the club was where all who were in the know aspired to be. This area was one big square with the middle open for gazing down at the people dancing in “heaven”. We noticed that there was a section that was even more exclusive, and that was where Vivica and her entourage were ensconced. After some initial rejection trying to get in, we were able to find a “loop hole” that allowed us into where she was partying. We studied the situation, then approached her and asked her to pose for some pictures with us, and she gladly obliged. We spent the rest of the night right where Vivica and her people were, dancing to a great blend of R&B, Hip-Hop, Reggae, House, and Soca.

The only downside to Purgatory is that movement between the 4 levels is slow, cumbersome, and impractical. To make smokers have to travel down 4 levels to the outside patio was not only moronic, but really, really, thoughtless in the design department. So people simply smoked in UPPER HEAVEN, and management did not seem to care. For those who do not relish cigarette and weed smells in their hair and clothing, UPPER HEAVEN may not be the most ideal place to hang out.

Scale of 0-10 (10 being the best)
Music – 8 People – 9 Ambiance – 71/2 Love factor – 71/2


August 6, 2006 - Posted by | Toronto Nightclubs

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