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This is London – July 21st, 2006


Three words – Bad Boy Bill.

We went to This is London on a Friday for house and to check out Bad Boy Bill. In spite of our collective dread of electronic house, we knew that this DJ could turn it out with some soulful house, trance and garage all blended together like the smoothest of shakes. At least that was the jist of the tunes that we heard on his “My Space
site. I especially wanted to check out TIL on a Friday because of the much heralded afterhours house music party scene.

Entry was acceptable enough after getting on Evan G’s email guestlist. We initially thought that with the young crowd and and the overall vibe, that we were out of place. The median age had to be about 24yrs old. However, they were a well dressed crowd that came to party.

After downing our first round of drinks ($27 for 3 Red Bulls mixed with vodka)., we headed over to the VIP area. As it was, one of my girls knew some of the people in the VIP. The music over the next half an hour after our arrival seemed a little too heavy/harsh, and it was hard to get into a dancing mood. We left to go have a smoke, and had to line up to get upstairs to the patio/smoke room. Unimpressed, we stayed in the 10 minute line and after mixing and mingling in the smoking room, and another round of drinks, we had a new resolve to go back in and enjoy ourselves.

Back in the VIP once again, Bad Boy Bill really started to turn the party out. He put on mixes of Bob Sinclair’s “World Hold On”, Crystal Water’s “Gypsy Woman”, and Mr V’s “Da Bump”. We were in a zone, and danced until our stiletto’s caused our tootsies to scream for help. Although he continued to mix the garage with trance with electronic, Bad Boy Bill knew how to keep a party going by pleasing everybody. We received plenty of attention from the fellas, and happily enjoyed everything about being at TIL.

The club itself is very nicely laid out. The main room is large and spacious with a great sound system. The VIP area is comfortable enough, and is in an area where you can still be part of the action. The smoking area is one of a kind. It is a tastefully appointed, elongated room with walls at least 15 feet tall, and no roof! The women’s bathroom is large, well lit, clean, and spacious, and has an attendant.

We will certainly go back to TIL on another night, perhaps for a 25 and over crowd, or for another house night.

Scale of 0-10 (10 being the best)
Music – 9 People – 71/2 Ambiance – 81/2 Love factor – 8

July 22, 2006 - Posted by | Toronto Nightclubs

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