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Dream Lounge – July 20th, 2006 – R.I.P

205 Richmond Street West, Toronto

Thursdays at Dream is called REUNION THURSDAYS with renowned Toronto DJ Starting from Scratch. We ended up at Dream after leaving a poorly packed Fluid Nightclub.

Entry into Dream was a rigamarole. The bouncer was a pasty beast of a man with absolutely no personality. He repeatedly had people get in one of 3 lineups, and would keep you waiting at the door for no apparent reason. The smokers had to smoke where people were trying to get in and security was a mess in validating who was already inside. It was one of the most disorganized schemes I’ve ever seen.

After gaining entry 10 minutes later. I was not sure if I wanted to stay. Apparently the music would be old school r&B, etc, but I saw a lot of younger urbanites whose style of dress made me wonder if they had any home training. I asked the short man down stairs guarding entry into the club if I could take a peek in before committing, but the turd adamantly refused. Before I knew it, my girlfriends had already paid for me, so I had to go in.

The first thing you see when you are in Dream proper are the beds. Full sized beds right where everyone can view your business. Sounds interesting, but believe me it is not. It is a total waste of space, and could be better used by making it a lounge area with comfortable leather couches. You can’t even see the dancefloor from where the couches are located. If you are going to have beds in a club, put them on a platform or on a different level so that the people in them can see the dancefloor.

We walked around to the bar, got a drink, and then proceeded to the main room. We found a space in the VIP area and took root. At first the hard sounds of dancehall reggae was not turning me – or my girlfriends on. Eventually the old school r&b found its mark in our hearts and we had to get our boogie on. No really, we couldn’t stop dancing! The vibe was on point. The crowd was fabulous. People came to dance and have a good time. Starting from Scratch ended the night with Prince’s “17 Days”.

All in all a great time at a club made special by the vibe of the crowd and by a well seasoned DJ.

Scale of 0-10 (10 being the best)
Music – 81/2 People – 8 Ambiance – 81/2 Love factor – 8

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Fluid – July 20th, 2006


This review is about the new and improved Thursday night that they have going @ Fluid called Candyland.  Carlos Promo is back and doing this R&B, hip-hop, and reggae night.  Fluid Thursday’s is the longest running Thursday night in Toronto.
We have not gone to Fluid in about a year.  They apparently did a reincarnation around the Christmas holiday and now they are back. I have to say that I am not impressed with the new set up. It looks almost like it did a year ago, except for some hanging glass dew drops from the ceiling in the main room. I can’t figure out what other changes they made, but the place needs a little… je ne sai quoi.

Getting in was easy enough. “Edwin” was gracious enough to put us on his VIP guestlist. We got there around midnight, and walked in to the lounge area of Fluid and saw about 10 people. Hmmm, we thought, this Candyland night is just getting off the ground. We had some drinks by the bar, said hi to some people, and chilled out to the old school r&b vibes. There was nothing happening in the lounge area that really made me want to get my groove on.

We then strolled over to the main room. The sound system was much better, and there were more people present, but standing away from the dance floor. The crowd was a mix of trendy younger individuals interspersed with 40’ish males (in last year’s get ups). Strange brew. We dance for a few jams, but the crowd was a hard sell, and only about 8 people, including us felt like dancing. Come on people it’s a club, if your not talking, you should be dancing!

Overall, the strength of the music was not enough to keep us in Fluid, and we left to go to Dream nightclub across the street at around one o’clock.

We just may go back for the music, but the crowd needs a lesson in “letting go”.

Scale of 0-10 (10 being the best)
Music – 8 People – 5 Ambiance – 61/2 Love factor – 6

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