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Lobby – July 19th, 2006

192 Bloor Street West


I have been to Lobby several times, and the thing that strikes you about it right away is the South Beach, Miami feel of the place. With the stylishness of the white on white decor, and clean lines, you can’t help but think that there is a body of water near by.

Very rarely is there a cover charge, and when you take a look around at the people who like to frequent Lobby, you can see that this a venue that attracts posers, socialites, hanger-ons, the elite, wanna-be’s, and people watchers. One does not really go to Lobby to dance. They go to eat, drink, and mingle with friends and friends of friends. If you can get past the sometimes obvious pretentiousness, Lobby is one of the best places in Toronto for social networking on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday night.
Let’s discuss our Wednesday night visit. Lobby’s hot new Wednesday night called “Lounge Series” with DJ. Kleen serves up house, electro, and urban beats. We arrived at just after one o’clock at night and the place was packed. Everyone seemed to be in fine form and very “liquored up” or something, because they were the happiest Lobby crowd that I have ever seen. As well, DJ Kleen really knew what songs went well in succession, thus showing his skill as a DJ.

We ordered 4 mixed alcoholic beverages and our male friend who offered to pay ended up footing a $48.00 bill! A word of advice – try not to spend all your money drinking at Lobby or you will go home broke. On the other hand if you can afford to drink at Lobby, then by all means help make the various owner’s richer. Honestly though, the bartenders do offer up properly mixed drinks that do not skimp on the alcohol.

Lobby’s downstairs room always seems to be unoccupied. It is a small but cozy room, that no one ever uses to entertain themselves. Perhaps if a proper speaker system was funneled into the room, people would want to use it as a second dance floor. Around the corner are the washroom areas. My major complaint with the washrooms is that it is too dark in the stalls. As sexy as it looks in there, no one has any idea just how dirty the stalls really are, and you can actually feel creepy using the facilities. The candle lit stalls are also hypothetically moments away from going up in flames from an inebriated patron tipping over the candle into the toilet paper. Perhaps that’s why an attendant has finally been hired to keep an eye on things.

In summary, Lobby remains an impressive place that reeks of style and attracts only those who are sure enough of themselves to be found in such a place. Go on a Wednesday if you want to dance, and socialize.

Scale of 0-10 (10 being the best)
Music – 9 People – 71/2 Ambiance – 9 Love factor – 7

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