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M LOUNGE – Thurs April 6th, 2006 R.I.P

241 Richmond Street West


M Lounge had the hype, and the buzz amongst the industry and professional set. That being said, we thought that the opening would be something special. Although M tried to captivate, it fell short on many fronts.

Getting in was pleasant, because we arrived early. There were people who had arrived earlier than us there as well, but even so we could clearly see that “M” was no Ultra or Eight Below. I am not sure what kind of space it really was trying to embody. The bar was off to the left of the entrance, and was circular in nature, but otherwise non-descript. The servers were enthusiastic, but slightly better than average looking men and women. Walking away with a drink in hand and heading south, we saw the strange lilac/mauve colored walls (devoid of art), cheap-looking flooring, and glittering chandeliers overhead (that looked strangely out of place). The large VIP back-room area was slightly different and more attractive. However, it is one large VIP room, lacking privacy from other VIP’ers, and therefore a serious lack of coziness that one typically looks forward to in a VIP room. You are also effectively “cut off” from seeing the other revelers in the main room. While in the VIP room, the owners of M did have on view a half-nude covered female with sushi strewn across her breasts, but it was not artistic enough to draw you in.

Back outside in the main area, bright lights in a corner heralded a photography session with the servers, and other female staff who worked for M. I am not sure what that was about at all, but the glare of the lights was most annoying. The music, oh yes…well a serious lack of bass, and absence of enough foot-moving house tunes, managed to make me forget that in this venue one could actually dance.

Honestly, M appears to be a hotel lobby gone wrong. There are so many vital elements missing from the venue, that it will not become a place for the upscale clients it seeks to attract. If it wasn’t for the fabulous company of women I was with, I would have left after an hour. In fact we gave it a chance, and left after two hours to head over to the wonderfully improved, Eight Below.

Overall, M did not live up to the hype of “models, models, models”, exclusivity, top-line treatment, and “wowism” that was promised. I don’t think I will be going back anytime soon.

Scale of 0-10 (10 being the best)
Music – 5 People – 5 Ambiance – 41/2 Love factor – 5

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