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Ru Paul at Ultra – March 17th, 2006

314 Queen Street


The event: The wrap party after a week of Fashion events and parties for Toronto Fashion Week (now sponsored by L’Oreal).

The scene: Fashonistas, revellers, bookers, agents, models, wannabes, scensters…

Just getting into Ultra was an ordeal. Ultra is turning into Studio 54 (oh…they wish) from yesteryear, and even when they recognize you as a regular, you have to be a “somebody” type regular in their stupid opinion.

After being on the guestlist, and arriving before the designated cut off time of 11pm, our party and several other parties were made to wait outside, while we were made to bear witness to a disorganized herding of individuals being led into Ultra.

After much talking and persuasive action, we finally made it in and had a good time. Interesting scene, and if you are a people watcher like myself…it was fun.

Now for Ru Paul taking stage. Hmmm…I did not readily recognize Ru Paul. His six-foot five-inch tall frame seemed a little hefty around the midsection for a “supermodel” drag queen. His nose was much thinner, and he had pronounced cheekbones.
I thought I would see this: http://tinyurl.com/nljg9

However, it has been over a decade since he was at his most fabulous (he is 46yrs old after all), so I’ll forgive everything, but the crazy outfits he periodically changed into. Those outfits needed Jesus…that’s all I’m going to say.

As far as his performance, Ru Paul was pretty much doing his thing. Although it took him a while to actually feel the vibe. He sang several songs from his 1993 & 2004 albums, including his most famous hit, Supermodel (You Better Work).

Ru Paul is still all diva, but Ms. Girl had better “work” to stay there.

Ultra better work to stay honest as well. M Lounge, and Circa are opening up, and mistreatment of Ultra’s bonified regulars will result in the its patrons leaving never to return.

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  1. Yes girl, I was there, and Mz. Ru looked the worse for wear. Uh huh.

    Ultra is ultra stupid for the crappy airs that they put on that night. I didn’t have a problem, but my close friends did…and they were with ME!

    I will not have it I tell you. I need a new venue to frequent. Somebody pass me a tissue…please.

    Comment by JT | April 4, 2006

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