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The Foundation Room – Jan 20, 2006

19 Church Street


The Foundation Room is a sweet downstairs club/lounge that soothes the senses, and perks up the imagination. A bouncer or two is always at the front door and the provide just enough attitude to make you feel that you are entering into a special place.

On this particular Friday night, there was a private party, with the DJ spinning delicious house designed to move your feet. The entire length of the space can be a dance floor if you choose to groove. Or you can move towards the back and have a more exclusive feeling amongst the Moroccan inspired chairs, curtains and tables. The decor is warm and sexy…enticing one to be…warm and sexy. The bar located near the front, has fleet footed servers, and moderately priced mixed drinks at $7.00 for a rum and coke.

If you happen to meet the owner you will notice that he is both amiable and affable. Jamil Kamal simply wants you to have a good time at his place regardless of sexual orientation, or class. One simple rule that is implied – dress to impress. The more personal style you show, the better. This appears to be a hard and fast rule especially for Saturdays when the place is almost impossible to get into, due to the fact that the room is packed to capacity with beautiful people.

As a way to start your night off, The Foundation Room will soon be offering a tapas selection. “The Room” is the perfect clubbing or lounging experience in my opinion.

Scale of 0-10 (10 being the best)
Music – 81/2 People – 9 Ambiance – 91/2 Love factor -81/2

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