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The Lux – Jan 12, 2006 – R.I.P

720 King Street West


We were not on the guestlist and decided to try our luck at the door. As luck would have it, the grand opening of this revamped nightspot saw us standing in the VIP line for almost 1/2 hour. Waiting in line? Unheard of…we simply don’t do such things. In light of the mild temperatures however, we decided to cool our heels and see what the all the fuss was about this place.

The party was literally spilling out on to the sidewalk, as smokers hunched together on the “patio” facing King Street, and patrons tried to bypass each other getting in and out of the club. When we finally got inside we had to spend some time negotiating our way to the east side of the club only to find nothing was happening but for some seated people trying to talk above the music. What a misuse of space. Why would the owners have so many tables and chairs taking up valuable space, then try to jam customers in like sardine into a matchbox?

We then proceeded to the west side of the club, and that alone took ten minutes. There apparently was a bottleneck that consisted of the bar on one side, and more loungy type furniture on the other. Come on guys, a serious planning error there.
We finally got to the other side and ordered a drink. We took in the music and realized that it was too ecletic to taken seriously. One minute Coolio was on, then the next Sum 41. This was a mostly residential building so I had the feeling that the place was not designed to accomodate a lot of bass. We peeked in the women’s washroom around the corner. It was one of the smallest I’ve ever seen. Two stalls, but clean and tastefully decorated.

There were some interesting characters in the audience. Some older blondes with younger men, older white men with young black women, a young European looking guy who was a 1/2 hour past baked in the face made my aquaintance. He introduced himself and his buddy. An extremely tall googly-eyed individual who spoke too much and even repeated himself in the 15 minutes we were in each others lives.

The Lux overall is a well appointed, elegant type of loungy space. One can sit at a table and talk business, or sit on the sofa’s and relax. Then on weekends it strives to be a place where one can dance their cares away.

We will have to go back get a good look at the actual space however.

Scale of 0-10 (10 being the best)
Music – 61/2 People – 8 Ambiance – 8 Love factor -7

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