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Boa Redux – Nov 4, 2005 – R.I.P

360 Adelaide WestBoa now has a new location, now with a liquor license and larger than the last spot on Spadina. The owners are apparently only doing a Saturday night now instead of the weekend thing.

This is an after hours club deluxe, with metal detector, security and the same sound system transplanted from the previous location. The place is much bigger, with two well sized rooms. However, much like the last location one only wants to stay in the much nicer upper room. The upper room feel more comfortable and club like with seating areas and a smaller dance floor. The sound system also feels different as well.

The lower level feels warehouse-ish and sparse. The decoration is lacking and so is the ambiance. However, there is more room to dance and to see and be seen. Jo Jo Flores is a regular here at Boa in the downstairs area, but do wish he would spin upstairs. Although we partied to his vibe, it was our general consensus that we did not like the downstairs room…lol.

As expected the music in both rooms when JoJo is not spinning is progressive and/or tribal house. Again I am for soulful house, with some lyrics splashed into the beat. Alas, this type of music does not seem to be popular with the masses of people who attend after hours just to keep their high going.

The crowd remains the same – a mix of gay and straight, young and old. Makes for some excellent stories about the night though, so we shall return.

Scale of 0-10 (10 being the best)
Music – 81/2 People – 7 Ambiance – 7 Love factor -7

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