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Century Room – second visit – Oct 15, 2005

580 King Street West

Ok. My worst encounter with a bouncer ever. I arrived at 1120pm at Century Room with 2 of my friends. We were on the guest list and we were told to speak to Crystal at the door.

The large bodied, steroid-taking bouncer of East Indian descent could be heard barking various orders and instructions to patrons waiting on the sidewalk in
the VIP line. I approached him and said we were on the guest list and could we speak to Crystal who was visible 4 or 5 feet behind his large frame. He asked how many of us, I answered and he told us to wait in "this" line. Fifteen minutes later I asked to speak to Crystal again. He said everyone wants to speak to Crystal. Five minutes after that I said I didn't understand what the problem was. He said ok we can go in but we have to pay full price of $20 each. Like duh!! I asked him, so what is the guest list for? Banana boy replied that it's for those arriving before 1130pm! Um, like…what? Imagine my chagrin!

So, like…we DID arrive before 1130pm and were kept in line on purpose by an overgrown gorilla on a power trip. Having had enough, I hollered out Crystal's name and we made eye contact. She signaled for us to come through and ape man had to let us in.

That's what patience gets you…sore feet. Action, and a well controlled temper is required to enter this club if you are not a regular.

Century Room the club was interesting, but not memorable. The front room though pretty and inviting, had several VIP arrangements and parties going on, but the sound system was loud and acoustically challenged. The main room also had several VIP booths at full capacity. The dance floor was a regular thoroughfare with no one dancing. Really, the club was ram packed by 1230am and no one was dancing anywhere!

Out on the patio, we settled in for some chilly, but fresh air and conversation. Looking around the patio I would say it was pleasant, however, the heat lamps were not all working and the bricks slabs on the ground were uneven and dangerous for high heel wearers.

Overall the best part of the night was the 30 minutes we spent inside dancing to some soulful house beats which came on at 0100am. By then several of our friends managed to be escorted in by a well known regular and we made the best of it. We left soon after we got our fix.

Scale of 0-10 (10 being the best)

Music – 5 People – 3 Ambiance – 3 Love factor -1

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