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Century Room – first visit – July 30, 2005

Formerly the Mockingbird


580 King Street West

There was a party of about 30 or 40 of us and we were doing our thang in a reserved VIP booth. The booth we had was large and spacious with flowing white curtains that really offered no privacy (not that we wanted any). The booth style seating was plush and comfortable with a table taking up the middle at just the right height for the bottle service that is a must with booth seating in clubs nowadays.

We were all a bit inebriated, however I didn’t get a really cozy feeling from Century, just kind of a dark cellar-with-lights vibe. Our table had a great time and everyone seemed to be enjoying the music. I liked the variety of R&B, hip hop, and some house I heard, however I found the bass to be lacking and acoustic not well thought out for our location.

The bathrooms where attractive individual co-ed cubicles. There were four or perhaps 5 or them (not nearly enough) and people could do whatever they wanted in there with complete privacy. Hmm…

Overall on this visit I gave the following rating:

Scale of 0-10 (10 being the best)

Music – 5 People – 7 Ambiance – 3 Love factor – 5

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