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BUDO Liquid Theatre – Saturday, June 25, 2005 – R.I.P

Formerly: Society, Abracadabra


137 Peter St.

I went to this place on a much touted Tuesday after convincing a girlfriend of mine that we needed to check it out. We owed it to ourselves as seasoned clubbers to check out this place that we had heard so much about. After all we do live in Toronto, and Budo is know to attract a “celebrity” crowd. We decided to just go get up and go, so we did not call ahead or email anyone to get on a guest list first. So of course we arrived late at 2345hrs and we saw three line ups. One to the right one to the left, and several pushy people right in the middle cozying up to the bouncer and having their way with him. My friend decided that we take the middle route, and it worked. We were in like Flynn in no time. The cover was $10.00 and we paid. I handed the fella at the cash a $20.00, he gave me back a $10.00 (keep this in mind).

Inside the club was sparse, probably because all the smokers were outside on the sidewalk. I took the place in gradually. Nice decor, sweet ambiance, great use of space. We headed for the back and had a drink at one of the two bars on the main floor. An attractive woman with a noticeable boob job served me my drink. I complemented her on her twins, and she smiled. Just off of the back bar was a VIP section that we tried to enter, and we were flatly rejected. As good as we looked, the bouncer said “VIP only”. I peered through the railing, and for the life of me I couldn’t see any VIP’s. Just a bunch of guys mostly drinking, with one or two girls. We then proceed to hang out at the main bar. If you are a people watcher like myself, Budo is a great place to see a mix of all cultures – Black, Asian, White, etc. – youngish females 19-27yrs, older guys 19-55yrs. There is a small misplaced dance floor that just seems impractical. The DJ seemed to be fond of music by Bobby Brown, En Vogue, and a bunch of other stuff one could do with out at a 2004 party. There was also plenty of reggae and Bajan jams as well.

Later in the night the hip hop and R&B from this century was more prevalent. I started to dance to a couple of tunes, but was interrupted several times by people walking through the floor to get to the bar, or to the VIP room. I’ll say it again, the dance floor is just in a really silly place. I went to the main bar to order a drink and paid with the $10.00 the guy at the door gave me. The very young, very blonde, female bar server wet the bill on purpose and it fell apart in her hands. She showed this to me and informed me that it was a fake. I immediately went back to the door and explained the occurrence, and only with a bit of hesitance from muscle dude did I get another $10.00 bill.

After that we went upstairs to the second level. Great design, loft like, but with low ceilings. No one was upstairs at the time. We then went back downstairs, danced, and walked around some more, and then tried upstairs an hour later. Upstairs now had a ton of people and there were also individuals trying to get outside to the roof top patio. That was news to us. We didn’t realize that Budo had a roof top patio. It was an ordeal trying to get on the roof top, as we were told it was a private party. I saw several males getting the go ahead to get in, and I began wondering what was up with the people who ran things that night. Where was the love for the women? I though that maybe the roof top was reserved for a private gay party or something. After spending 10 minutes in line, we were asked if we had a bracelet. What the F%$#? Nobody had a bracelet from what I could see, and besides, like I said…only men were getting onto the roof. My friend turned around and gave up at that point. I said to the dude guarding the roof top – “hey I just want to check it out”. To my surprise he said o.k. So I forged ahead alone up several flights of stairs. I finally got to the roof and – Oh My Goodness! There were like hundreds of people up there partying. Champagne was flowing, music was bumping, and the party was absolutely packed with wall to wall people. It was overcrowded actually, but everyone looked like they were having a good time. I stayed up there for 5 minutes and then went back downstairs to find my friend. I wanted her to have the same experience that I had, so she agreed to go back through the whole process of lining up again to get on the roof. Well now the line up had grown, and again the women were getting no love at the roof top door, so without further ado, we went back downstairs again.

We ended up leaving at 0230hrs. Budo certainly is full of theatre and spectacle, however the Tuesday night promoters are not woman friendly. Ladies you will get better treatment in a real gay bar, and not in this mixed up and confused environment.

Scale of 0-10 (10 being the best)
Music – 5 1/2 People – 7 Ambiance – 8 1/2 Love factor – 2

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