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Cache – Sat April 30, 2005

469 King St West, just East of Brant Street

A ways away from King Street's sidewalk. As a matter of fact you may think the place is dead as you walk along the courtyard. How wrong you would be on a Saturday night.

The bouncers were old, with trimmed beards and they seemed almost proprietary….like the lounge was their baby. Whatev! Step into Cache and I've got 2 words for you 'sweet' 'ambiance'. This place is like your getaway party spot, vacation like in the atmospheric exuberance of party people.

There are two levels, an upper and a lower, but they both have the same hardwood floors, dance space, and feel. The upper level has more places to sit and observe. Comfy lounging couches, and of course the all important DJ. This DJ was pumping out soulful house and trance and it was hard for anyone in the room not to dance. The speaker system had absolutely no reverb, and acoustically was right for this space that holds about 280 people. Cache's engaging decoration, lighting, and music are a wonderful combination. You could find a more über chic spot, but I bet it wouldn't be as accessible AND as fun as this lounge.

Scale of 0-10 (10 being the best)
Music – 9 People – 8 Ambiance – 9 Love factor – 7

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