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FILM Lounge – Sat June 12 2004


393 Dundas W. before Beverley St. Entrance on Dundas St. west just before Beverley St.

Music Played: House with DJ’s Aadil, JELO, J-PREZ, DEKO-ZE, Kenny Glasgow, Sydney Blu

On my third jaunt to Film after hours I can say I had the best time. My friend and I went over to Film after Roxy’s at about 0300hrs on a Saturday night. She knew the bouncer at the door and thereby saved us a collective $40.00, and an incredibly long line up.

Film Lounge has a moderately sized dance floor which does not allow for much thorough traffic (bonus!). They also have a VIP section just off to the right after entering the club. Most people seemed to be using it as a detox room. Which leads me to this point – the one great thing about Film is the people. You will be hard pressed to see such a diverse collection of people who love music in one spot other than Film. The lighting is a little too extreme for that hour of the night, but the sound system makes up for the offense. You can actually see the sweat dripping from the clubbers when they dance, not a pretty sight. However, the lighting is a God send if you are picking up people for other reasons if you know what I mean.

I am not a huge fan of trance house (check out their web site for a sample), but that is basically what they play and the crowd loves it. All the various characters were in good form dancing the night away. There is a huge love factor at this place and they can appreciate a person who is having a good time. There were many characters ranging from the little Asian man who kept gyrating to every beat non-stop, to the buff fitness dude who appeared to have a severe case of gorilla-itis and a stiff neck. Then there were the Pamela Anderson wanna-be’s, dancing next to perfectly normal looking people. Oh, and how could I forget the fun teen Barbie in her club clothes bouncing around for 2 hours straight. This place is one after hours that should not be missed.

Scale of 0-10 (10 being the best)
Music – 7 People – 7 Ambiance – 7 Love factor – 7

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